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Questions concerning our cycling eyewear

Does all uvex cycling eyewear provide 100% UV protection?

All uvex cycling eyewear is already equipped with specially coated lenses as part of their basic design. Independent of the lens color, they contain a UV filter that protects 100% against harmful UV radiation.
uvex = ultraviolet excluded.

How do I clean my cycling eyewear properly?

Please clean the lenses of your eyewear only with water and a mild soap.

Do not use a dirty or rough cloth. Eyewear marked with supravision have an anti-fog coating on the inside. This coating is sensitive to scratching, therefore you should handle the inside very carefully and not wipe it off.

Store your eyewear in the case provided and protect the product from extreme temperature changes during storage.

Does uvex cycling eyewear come with a guarantee?

All uvex products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and are subject to strict, in-house inspections which often exceed any legal requirements. Should your product have defects in spite of these precautions, contact us with your warranty claims (legal warranty period as of 2009: 2 years) and repair requests.

Please note that a copy of your sales invoice is required for the verification of your request.

Please note that uvex itself does not accept direct warranty claims or repair requests.

What are the differences between the lenses?

Individual light conditions and areas of use require different lens types. For example, uvex Polavision lenses eliminate reflections and provide especially comfortable vision, uvex dégradé lenses offer perfect glare protection above and optimal vision below, thanks to the gradient which lightens towards the bottom. You can find detailed information on all lenses on this website at uvex cycling glasses technology.

The common feature of all uvex lenses is the integrated UV filter, which protects against harmful rays with 100% certainty.

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